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What does it do?

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Design scorecards are a means for gathering data, predicting final quality, analyzing drivers of poor quality, and modifying design elements before a product is built. This makes proactive corrective action possible, rather than initiating reactive quality efforts during pre-production. Design scorecards are an MS-Excel™ workbook that has been designed to automatically calculate Z values for a product based on user-provided inputs of for all the sub-processes and parts that make up the product.   Design scorecards have six basic components:1 Top-level scorecard-used to report the rolled-up ZST prediction 2. Performance worksheet-used to estimate defects caused by lack of design margin 3. Process worksheet-used to estimate defects in process as a result of the design configuration  4.Parts worksheet-used to estimate defects due to incoming materialsSoftware worksheet-used to estimate defects in software 5. Software worksheet-used to estimate defects in software 6. Reliability worksheet-used to estimate defects due to reliability

When Use?

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Design scorecards can be used anytime that a product or process is being designed or modified and it is necessary to predict defect levels before implementing a process. They can be used in either the DMADV or DMAIC processes

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